Our first parent's room encounter

This morning we went to a talk at the Early Childhood centre on development and play in babies from birth to 6 months.  E fed during the talk and was as good as gold.  We met Tanya and Jake there and we decided to venture off to Eastgardens together. 

E screamed a bit on the way there but when we arrived I put him in his baby Bjorn and we walked around the centre very happily.  E was so calm and happy in the pouch and he slept most of the afternoon.  We had our first experience of feeding in a parents room at a shopping centre and it was not too awful.  It was great to spend time with Tanya and Jake and really good to see that E is not far off his corrected age in terms of size and in every other way he seems to be behaving exactly like a 3 week old baby should (even if it is three months after he was born).  I really enjoyed walking around with E in the pouch – I felt really close to him and proud to be walking around with this baby “attached” to me.

We are still having problems with some of the feeds.  This evening E was impossible and I really began to think that there was something wrong.  He cries so badly and really gets upset.  I would think that he has reflux or something but then some feeds he is so settled and I am sure that if he had a real medical problem it would not come and go.

He has grown out of all his 00000 and premature clothes.  He is looking absolutely gorgeous and his growth is really visible to us.  He has more hair and the cutest most expressive big eyes.  

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