Some time with Granny

I tried something new after realising that I could not fight with E every time that it was time for a feed. Instead of feeding him as he woke up, I played with him a bit first and then fed him. Well it has only been two feeds that we have done this but it seems to be better for him. He certainly does not fight me as much and obviously I am far happier with that.

It has been a rainy, cold and miserable day so we have stayed indoors mostly and E has been catching up on some sleep.

I needed to go to the bank so I hauled him into his pram at after his 12 o clock feed and we made a mad dash for the bank. It started to rain on the way back and I sprinted with the pram through the streets of Randwick, not a good look! I was petrified that E would get wet and sick but I think that we managed to keep him dry although the pram certainly got wet.

In the afternoon my mother in law came past and during discussion on my lack of dinner preparation she suggested I go shopping and leave E with her. It took every bit of my courage and a million checks that E was fast asleep and I set off for the shops without my baby. It was very different leaving him because although I have left him before it has always been with M or the nurses at the NCC. I knew that I had to get over this and allow her to babysit at some stage and it was not so bad after all. Actually it was absolutely awful. I feel like my heart is missing when I am not with him.
I raced through the aisles and got home to find him safely and snugly in his granny’s arms.

He had a good evening and night and is precious again.

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