Some tricks never work twice

After a relatively good night I left E with M this morning and went to do a few things (like have an ultrasound and shop - exciting stuff huh?).  I really felt lost without E and did not enjoy my morning at all.  M had said that I should not phone in case the phone woke E and besides I think I needed to just let them have some time together.

When I got home M told me that E had screamed blue murder for about an hour and he had hardly eaten.  However there he was lying and sleeping peacefully in his cot.  He had such a good afternoon, he just slept a fortune and ate occasionally.

Ian came to visit and E took this opportunity to wake up and scream.  He became quite hysterical so I did the old bath trick.  Somehow my tricks never seem to work twice in a row.

E had a really bad night.  He woke every one and a half hours and his nose was really stuffy.

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