At 4am this morning E was screaming in anger.  I feel like I could just pop off right here and now.  I am exhausted and so is M.  So is E but he does not seem to want to sleep to rectify the situation.  He is no longer having his good morning sleep so this morning we went with my brother-in-law to M’s office to pick up his laptop.  It took about 10 minutes to settle E in his car seat and lot of prayer to get him to the office without screaming.  As we got there he started to yell and I could not console him.  It was just awful.  One of the girls at M's office was holding him and I almost pulled him out of her arms and took him to M’s office to feed him AGAIN.  It worked a charm, the poor boy was probably starving.  He was quiet and settled and got all the admiration he is due (everyone is amazed at how his face looks exactly like M’s). 

I drove into the city to get some immigration stuff for my brother-in-law and E was as good as gold just sleeping in his seat in the back.  It is uncanny how he knows when we get home.  Good uncanny that he did not cry all the way but very, very bad uncanny that reserved it for the minute we parked at home.  He was just impossible.  I fed him and then stuffed him into the Baby Bjorn where he fussed and performed until he fell asleep.  He has had the worst 24 hours on record.  He is in a foul mood.  I have phoned Karitane to book for a “sleeping and settling” course.

I was dreading the 4:30pm feed as he is usually his worst at around this time and I had such a headache from not sleeping and listening to him cry all the time.  I decided that I would bath him after the feed and that would relax him, also I decided to feed him lying down as I had such a bad headache that I thought I needed all the rest I could.  Well as I write – and hold thumbs at the same time – it seems to have worked.  He fed quite well and then I ran the bath for us.  He was in a much better mood even before the bath and then when we got into the bath he was just so relaxed that I fed him some more in the bath in the warm water in a very relaxed environment.  It was fantastic.  He screamed blue murder after the bath but as soon as he was dressed I sat with him on the rocking chair and covered him with a warm blanket.  I sat with him until he fell asleep and he is now sleeping peacefully in his cot – the first time in over 24 hours so maybe the nightmare 24 hours has passed. Nup, he just screamed.

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  1. awww, my heart just aches to read this.. must have been such a tough time for u...