He is starving

After a very bad night and a bad morning we set off for Dr C.  E had had so little sleep that he was fast asleep by the time we got there.  Dr C was kind and fantastic but firm in his view that E does not have indigestion or reflux (later in life we will prove him VERY wrong).  

When he weighed E my whole heart sank.  I started to cry.  He only weighs 2.84kgs and has not put on enough weight.  Dr C thinks that it is a supply problem.  I will go on Motilium to increase my breast milk production and also express after each feed so that E can get a bottle of expressed breast milk as well.  I will also go to a breast feeding clinic next week to check that he is attaching properly.  My poor boy has been screaming because he is starving.  He must be so frustrated when he tries to eat and there is not enough.  I feel so bad! I feel awful.  I feel like I have been abusing my child.    

I will start the medication tonight and I have already tried to feed E at every available opportunity.  At least we know what we are dealing with now we can do something about it. 

We were meant to meet some friends this afternoon but it was rainy and awful and I was really upset about E’s lack of weight gain so I cancelled.  I cried instead.

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  1. thanx for the warning! I cried too! Poor little E. After all you have already been through, now this? hardly seems fair for either of u.... Soo glad to know this is written retrospectively.. don't know if I could read it otherwise....!! too many tears!!! xxxxx