Screaming and Fighting Me...not so much fun

We had to do something today as it was my dad’s last day in Sydney. E woke up quite late, (although I am sure that M will not agree that 8am is late) and in a good mood so we sat around and played on the bed. He is still waking every 2 or 3 hours at night but being good as gold and just feeding and then going straight to sleep sort of - he does need a big cuddle to get him there.

I walked with E in the pram to Centennial park where we met M, my dad and the rest of the crew. E was really very relaxed and happy during the walk there but soon became a bit unsettled. M says that he spent too long outside and it was making him crabby. I just think that he does not sleep so well in his pram. We sat down for coffee/breakfast and there were hundreds of people, babies and dogs all around us and I immediately felt that it was too overwhelming for E. Although he was rested at the time I feared that it might catch up with him later. Boy was I ever right.
M took him for a walk while we finished our coffee and then we took him home by car. He ate a bit of lunch and then slept for about an hour and there began one of his major unsettled times. He hardly slept at all and he ate really badly. He seems to fight me and bash my chest with his little fists every time I try and feed him. He screams blue murder and will not suck. It is very hard to listen to and very hard to keep your cool and remain calm and rational. At about 7pm we gave him a bath and tried to put him back to bed. Eventually he had his best sleep of the day sprawled out on our bed. His night was not much better and he woke up almost every two hours. I wish that there was a way that I could make him feel better.

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