Sleeping and settling

E slept like a charm last night but I am still exhausted because although he went for 4 hour stretches he got bored at about 4am and never really slept properly after that until about 7am – not the most civilised hours to be up and about if you have not slept for 3 months.

We went to a sleep and settling course at Karitane although I am sure that E settles and sleeps quite well without it - it is just the feeding that is an absolute nightmare.  The course was okay except that I had to give E to them during the course and they tried to put him to sleep in these horrible little cots that they have.  He was not settled and very far from ever settling and they kept bringing him to me to feed.  When I left they told me that he has bad indigestion and is very nasal and therefore cannot settle.  Good news indeed.  NOT.   As I took him from them he settled and I put him in his pram and he went straight to sleep.  He just needed me.

We met some friends for lunch and E slept through the entire meal in his pram like a gem.  He woke just as we finished, took a few sips from me at the table (I am getting very brave) and then screamed as we raced home to complete the feed and get ready for our afternoon visitors that happened to cancel on us.

After his feed E settled the Karitane way and then slept for 3 hours.  During the night I tried the Karitane way (pat, pat in the cot) and he screamed every hour.  It was a very bad night!

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