Motherhood is humbling me

After a really good night (waking every 3 hours, eating and going back to sleep), E had a good settled morning. Karen came to visit and E slept in my arms and then when I put him down in his pram he just stayed asleep. I was pretty shocked and excited

In the afternoon Ethan woke for his feed and I decided it was time to go to the shops, for a walk etc. As we started up the stairs he started to cry. He was really pretty miserable and instead of turning around and going back home, I persevered. Yup, I thought I was very smart.  I thought maybe he was just tired and the motion of the pram would lull him to sleep. Before long I found myself on the main road with my tiny baby asleep in my arms and there I was pushing an empty pram through the streets of Randwick. Oh motherhood how you have humbled me.

We went to the baby shop  which we just love because there are lots of people who know and have babies in the shop and they all shower E with praise. The store manager who I have developed quite a friendship with just loves him and takes any opportunity to tell people that he is a “miracle baby” and how well he has done etc. It makes me so proud!!!

After his usual 5-6pm hysteria E settled down for what is always his longest sleep. He manages to usually sleep from about 7 to 11 which is pretty darn amazing. He woke at about 2am and although he was pretty good and ate quite well I just knew something was not quite 100%. I had a feeling sleep was not on the cards for the night. Call it mother’s intuition but I was right. At 3am M settled him and he slept a bit but was up and screaming before long. All in all another long exhausting night. Obviously this is something that we will have to deal with from time to time.

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