Temper temper

After a really bad night I felt that if we did not leave the house I would go stir crazy.  We decided to go for a walk with a friend to Bondi but Ethan was an absolute nightmare.  He screamed and performed and as I write this my patience is at an all time low.  

I tried to go shopping while he was asleep in the capsule but he awoke and screamed and I had to leave the shopping in the trolley and go home.  I feel quite caged in by the fact that Ethan hates being out.  At home he is so much better behaved although he does scream at times and even though I hate myself for saying this he seems to be shouting and screaming not for any reason in particular but rather just because he is in a bad mood.  And boy does he seem to have one really bad temper.  When he is not screaming he is so adorable and seems to have such a lovely temperament and disposition but he can get upset so very quickly and it sometimes seems impossible to console him. 

On the positive side (I am looking hard for that today) he is having great fun with his new wedge which he lies on on his tummy and his head control seems to be improving.  He is also reacting well to and enjoying musical distraction when he has his nappy changed.  

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  1. My 5yr old had a thing about going in to a shop when he was really young. We'd no sooner have passed thru the doors at Target, and that'd be that. He'd cry and carry on. So frustrating.

    I remember the first year after my 3rd son was born, I was really stressed quite often. Not enough time to myself, trying to juggle my 7yr old starting school that year and a preschooler at home. I remember a friend dropping by unexpectedly one night and I just burst in to tears. Some days were really hard.

    But you know it'll get better. And the good days are one to cherish. Never lose sight of the light at the end of the baby tunnel! And enjoy the good days as much as poss!

    Take care x