Taking a baby to your own doctor's appointment is just plain silly

Wow what a morning. It is only 10am and I am exhausted. Although he slept well last night he has been an absolute nightmare this morning. He has screamed blue murder after his feed and seemed really angry. I thought he was sleeping at one point and I sneaked out to have a bath. Ten minutes later he was in the bath with me as I realised this was going to be the only way that I got to bath and he got to be settled.

He had a really good sleep (seems to be his morning routine) and one of the nurses from the NCC that I had befriended came to visit. He woke up for a feed and she was shocked at how badly he fed. He was all over the show and would not latch or suck properly at all. I know that everyday I have a new feeding method and/or theory but I really think that this one is a good one – he can have no outside stimulation when he feeds. He still needs the little playtime beforehand and he needs to be wide-awake but during the actual sucking process nothing else can take place. Even as I was feeding him with Gabrielle there and I switched off the background music he improved as I suppose that he had less to concentrate on.

When Gabrielle left we quickly went to the shop to buy a gift for Dr H, the surgeon who did E's bris and hernia op to say thank you for being the best and kindest surgeon in the world. Again we managed to avoid the rain quite successfully. M came home to fetch us and off we went to Dr H for his low-down on Ethan’s recovery from surgery. He was very happy with E and said what perfect equipment he now has. E was not unhappy to be examined by Dr H it was just that afterwards he realised how hungry he was so we raced off home. I tried my new no-stimulation during feeding trick and it worked a treat.

I had to go to the doctor in the afternoon (residual pre-eclampsia issues) and it was all precision timed. E was asleep in his pram and being cute as a button and very well behaved. Of course the doctor saw to all of that by running late so that by the time my appointment should rightfully have been finished, E began to wake and cry. I tried the old shove the breast in the mouth trick but I think that given we were in the doctors waiting room and under a bit of pressure, it was not too successful. By the time I was called in E was hysterical. I have no idea what the doctor said to me or what I told him as all I could hear was E screaming. I tried to feed him while talking to the doctor but we all know that was not going to work. I held him while the doctor took my blood and then we went to feed in the waiting room again. I will make sure that M can look after E during my next appointment.

This whole doctor thing threw E a bit and he was very unsettled when we got home. Eventually he fell asleep on our bed and had a good night, waking for his feeds 3 hourly and eating like a charm.

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