Acid reflux - me?

Today was mummy’s birthday.  I gave her a beautiful pair of fluffy slippers so  that her feet do not get cold when she feeds me at night and I also gave her a book to write in. 

We went to playgroup at the NCC in the afternoon and I was still the youngest baby there (and the cutest).  Sue, the physiotherapist watched me eat and she said that it looks like I am quite uncomfortable and in pain.  At last someone is listening to me.  After playgroup we went to Dr C and I had put on 125grams (apparently I am the only one who thinks that is a lot).  I now weigh 3.150.  Dr C is baffled at my failure to put on weight.  I reckon he should watch me eat (or refuse to eat) and then he’d understand.  He told mummy that maybe I have reflux and he prescribed some medicine.  Now I know fully well that Dr C is anti medication and does not believe in reflux so I think I have really stymied him.  He had to go and ask another doctor for the dosage and he could not believe that Dr C was going to give me medication, even the receptionist was shocked.  Dr C spent a long time convincing mummy that it was okay to give me Zantac and that if it did not fix the problem we would stop it immediately.  Dr C said that if it works we would be able to see a difference in 48 hours.

Mommy got my medicine for me and it tastes revolting!


  1. poor bubba! as if he hasn't had enough to deal with in such a short life!!!

  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again.. Thank goodness I know this is in retrospect!! Don't know if I could read it!! But your boy is a fighter!!!