Daddy goes to America and Mummy goes shopping AGAIN

My daddy went to America today and I had an awful day.  I missed him so much that I thought that the only way I could deal with it was to sleep and to sleep and to sleep.  So that is what I did.  Mummy hauled me all over the show so I vomited and insisted that we go home.   

I then slept and I slept and I slept.  My aunt came over and I ate (not very well) and slept some more.  Mummt then took me out AGAIN but I just slept in the Baby Bjorn and then we came home.

I really was not myself today and mum was a bit worried.  I was just having a lazy day, I know that it is unlike me cause usually I am so alert and animated but I just needed to catch up on some sleep!.  If you ask me mum was a bit silly not to take the opportunity to do the same for herself.    

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