On top of everything else apparently I have to have vaccinations

So far this medicine is not doing a thing for me and I don’t like the taste of it at all.  

I had a lazy day, quite unsuspecting and trusting that it would carry on like that when mummy shlepped me off to the doctor AGAIN.  This time we went to her Doctor, Dr T and I was quite relaxed as I know that he just ignores me but this time it was different.  I started to suspect something when daddy showed up from work in the middle of the afternoon for my mum’s appointment.  I convinced myself that dad was just there for mum and I went to sleep.  The next thing I know there is a needle in my thigh!!!  Yup, today I received my second round of vaccinations and I can tell you that it was not pleasant.  I had a bit more of a sleep and tried to pretend that it was all right but I was sore and I felt awful.  I could not stop crying and was in mum’s arms till 10’o clock at night.   

I cried a lot!

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