Smile for the photo - or at least get that wind face that babies are so good at

This morning mum, dad and I went to have photographs taken at a professional photo studio.  It was a bit boring and I was not on my best behaviour – cute but certainly not going to smile for anyone there.

Gabrielle came to visit this morning and I have gone a bit off her – in fact I am quite hesitant to go to anyone other than my mum.  

I had the worst night on record tonight.  This cot is revolting and I woke up feeling most uncomfortable every hour.  I also have some severe wind issues and the only way that I can demonstrate that is to scream.  Apparently it is not so good on my parents when I scream in the middle of the night but hey what else can I do?  I am really only 2 months corrected - my vocabulary is still being constructed

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