I am kosher

Mum and dad had been a little worried about the fact that I had had a surgical circumcision only, I had never been blessed by the Rabbi and I didn’t have a Hebrew name.  Yesterday mommy chatted to the Rabbi again who said that he could come to our house that night and just make a little prick (no pun intended) with a small needle, draw the teensiest amount of blood and it would all be kosher.  He would also bless me and name me and drink a L’Chaim with my parents.  Well, mummy being the big woos that she is was very dubious.  She did not think that I was brave enough to handle this whole ordeal and she was very nervous that I might cry and perform and be in heaps of pain.  She even wanted to give me Panadol before but daddy being the big brave hero said “No Panadol for no reason, if he needs it later we’ll give it to him then.”

Pops came to be with me and so did Jake and his parents.  Mommy and daddy were very nervous but I was quite happy about the whole ordeal.  When the time came for the "procedure", I lay on my change mat on the dining room table and when Rabbi  made the prick I smiled.  I never felt a thing.  In fact he did it twice because he thought that he did not draw blood the first time (he did really).  My Hebrew name is Eytan and I am the strongest, bravest, happiest little baby in Sydney

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