The o'clocks

After a much better night’s sleep I was ready to face the world today.  Dad, mum and I went for a walk in my pram (just me in the pram, the rest walked) to Randwick.  We strolled back after a bit of breakfast and all of us had quite a lazy morning.

In the afternoon we went to visit Romy and her parents.  I had such fun playing under Romy’s gym that mummy has become quite frantic in her attempts to buy me one.  

On the way home from Romy I got attacked by a particularly nasty dose of the 5’o clocks so mummy sprang into action and I had an early bath to wash them away.  Unfortunately I then got attacked by a dose of the 6 o’clocks but not for long.  I then proceeded to have the best night that I have ever had.  I slept for hours and hours 6:00 -10:30 and then 11:30 - 3:30.  I love my snuggle bed and so do my parents.  

I am still off my food and dad says that I sleep better when my tummy is not too full.

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