It's my mum's party and I'll cry if I want to

Today was a public holiday and my mummy’s birthday party.  In the morning everyone prepared furiously for the party while I slept.  We then went to Centennial Park where the party was being held and I climbed into the Baby Bjorn on mum’s chest for the whole party long!! I love it in there.  Mummy and daddy had a lovely time and all their friends were there and mine too.

I must say that while the whole park thing is great fun it does get a bit much for me to handle really so when we got in the car to go home I began to scream and I screamed all the way home.  It took ages for me to calm down and I really did not want to sleep.  Also my mum had kept telling me that I was going to see my granny again and I kept waiting and waiting for her to arrive.  Eventually when she did I was so tired from waiting that I just screamed and shouted.  Mummy and daddy resorted to a bath and I was okay after that although I still thought that I should wake up every hour during the night just to keep the parents on their toes.  

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