A cot? No Thanks

I am eating so well that I think even Dr C will be happy with my weight gain next week. 

Today I went with Jake (and mum and Tanya) for a long walk from Rose Bay to Double Bay, it was lovely and warm in my pram and I was so comfortable and restful that I just slept the whole way there and the whole way back.  I woke up when mommy was having lunch and I had my own.  Even Tanya commented on how much I ate.

In the afternoon I went to the clinic and on their old, archaic scales with all my clothes on I weighed 3.5kg not bad at all.  Dad says that there has been a big change in me and that I am more “mature”.  Everyone has been commenting on my good looks and my very bright and alert nature.  I have also started to wave my arms and legs frantically when I am excited and this provides much amusements to adults.

Last night I slept in my cot, or should I say that last night I did not sleep much but I was often in my cot.  Now this cot thing might sound like fun to others but believe me, I did not enjoy it at all.  Dad says that I need to be at more of an angle, mum says that I need to be warmer and I just think that I’ll gladly sleep in their arms – never mind the cot. 

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