A pre visit to the breastfeeding clinic

E is eating like a little star.  This morning I rushed off to see the breastfeeding clinic before my appointment on Monday - I am impatient.  The woman that I saw was absolutely great, she just kept confirming that I was doing everything right and saying what a wonderful mother I was – I liked that.  A Lot! She said that perhaps E’s tongue tie was causing some problems in that because of the positioning of the tongue he was not able to stimulate my breast correctly to keep up the production of milk.  I will still be going to the clinic on Monday where we will work on some strategies but it was good to get reassurance from the woman that we saw today that we are doing it right.  Just to cement the love that I was feeling for her, she told me that E looks amazing.

From the breastfeeding clinic we went to meet a mum and bub that we had met in the NCC.  J is quite a fatty and I was a bit jealous of his weight – 3.3kg, he is however still on theofolin so I guess I should be grateful that I have a skinny baby that can breathe by himself – not that I am comparing. But you know.   J also takes one bottle of formula a day and that really makes a huge weight difference.

In the middle of the night while E was having a very long sleep, after his best feed ever, M’s wrist began to really hurt.  He had injured it playing touch footy at work.  (I know this makes him sound much like an elite athlete and I guess that is the power of the written word, although would an elite athlete injure his wrist playing football?  I think not) At 1am I insisted that he go to emergency and have it checked out.  He is still there 8 hours later waiting for an orthopaedic surgeon to have a look at it.

E is smiling big proper smiles and he is making my heart melt.  He has the cutest smile – it is huge and lights up his whole face.

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