Too young to learn massage

This morning mum and I went for a massage class.  It was quite nice really but I don’t think mum learned anything she did not already know.  We have a massage after the bath every day and I think that mum does a mean massage!! I certainly hope I was not meant to be learning how to relax during a massage although I would prefer that to the alternative - I mean I have not yet discovered my hands I hardly think I am going to be dishing out massages.

It seems that mummy is very into walking at the moment so after the massage we shlepped off to Tanya and Jake and walked up and down Bondi Beach 3 times.  Then we walked to Georgia house and we had lunch there with her mum and some other folk.  I played quite fantastically under one of Georgia’s play gyms and got lots of approving umms and ahhs.

My parents insisted on putting me in that cot again at night and again I hated it and so had a terrible night’s sleep.  Not happy parents.  Put the cot away - your bed is just fine

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