No back arching

The medicine is working and I feel like a new man.  I am much calmer, I have not arched my back all day and dare I say it I am eating like a champion.  I went to playgroup and although I still prefer to eat in the privacy and quiet of the car rather than in the sun at the café in the park I enjoyed playgroup a whole lot more than last time. 

In the evening I absolutely charmed my father, so easy really – I just lay around being mellow and eating a lot!!!  I know that mummy loves it but with dad you can positively see him beaming with pride and joy.  I did a big vomit but not even that could deter them.  

My parents were one happy unit.

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  1. I love this. So cute and brings back memories of my babies...who would only 'eat' in the car, too! :)