Don't read this if you own shares in Pentavite

Feeling much better today.  I spent far more time lounging around and smiling today.  Mum and I walked up to Randwick to take my pram in for repairs and then we walked home in the Baby Bjorn.  I love the Baby Bjorn.

In the afternoon mum’s friend Jane came round for the afternoon but I just slept.  I had made a huge pentavite vomit and that always tires me out.  Yep they still have to give me vitamins every day - silly doctor's rules.  I tell you (and excuse me if you are the manufacturer of Pentavite) but that stuff is absolutely vile.

In the night I was quite good, waking up 3 hourly but I have developed a bit of a screeching habit at night for some reason that mum can’t fathom and I am not about to give her any clues.  Got to keep some cards close to my chest.

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