Silly billys

What a busy day.  I had a visitor from the Parent Home Support Team. Well I guess that they came to see mummy but I got all the attention.  The lady, whose name was Sally, said that I am beautiful, she was very impressed with my head control and my huge big smile.  She watched me feed and told mum that she needs to relax, my attachment is good and I suck well but mummy needs to be very calm when she feeds me.  Sally also suggested that I am too inquisitive and I look around too much when I am feeding so I need to now face a white wall.  She even went as far as to say that I had the “silly billys” and that is why I did not want to go back on to the breast  Silly billys -have you ever?.

Today I also went to see Dr C, he still thinks that I am too thin.  I now weigh 3.025kg and I am really going to send my parents round the bend with worry.  Mummy is going to continue with the medication in even bigger doses and if I have not put on more weight by next week I will have to start formula.  After their little Dr C scare mum and dad tried to give me a bottle and it took one hour for me to take 15ml so I am not quite sure how I am going to take formula.  Dr C also insists that I am overstimulated and he thinks that I should eat with a blindfold – I refuse to even try that.  The gall of the man.

Dad says that I am over my witching hours.  He says that I am such a good baby and maybe that is why people have more than one baby because you forget so easily about all the noise of the first.  Mum thinks dad is very optimistic.  Mum also says dad should come home for witching hour.  It is very easy to speak about lack of witching hour from a plush office in the city.

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