I have taken over the diary

You know my mum was starting to whinge a lot.  She is very tired and really I think her writing had become a litany of complaints about my lack of sleep.  So I am going to help her. I am going to take over writing this diary on a daily basis to give her some time out - God knows she needs it, she has become quite the cranky pants.

Hope you stick with me as I tell you, from my very unbiased perspective, all about my days.


Today was one of those great family days that I am getting to know and love.  Daddy does not go to work and the three of us can have some time together.  Today we went for a walk to Coogee and we ate lunch at one of the Café’s, well mom and dad did and I gazed at the roof of my pram. 

I took forever to go to sleep tonight. I am not sure what was worrying me but I was in no mood to be calm.  My poor parents are trying everything in their power and I do reward them frequently with huge smiles but a baby needs to scream when he needs to scream.

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  1. I love the new tone of the Blog! E sounds very cute and I want to give him a little cuddle!