Mum at the end of her tether

This morning I heard mum say that she is at the end of her tether.  She looks quite tired and grumpy.  I suggested that we go for an early morning stroll and that was great, I slept peacefully and beautifully but then when we got home I woke up again and really frustrated my mum with my extremely grumpy mood.  She whipped me off to Tanya for some book party and I slept in my pram most peacefully again when I got to Tanya. Would have been more peaceful if I had not heard mum crying and complaining to her friends.  Apparently she needs more than two hours of sleep at night.  Who would have thought that?

I am off my food again.  I think that the medication is wearing a bit thin on me so I am really not enjoying eating like I was before. 

Mum was so fed up with this whole cot and not sleeping thing that she went out and bought me a snuggle bed.  I think you may start to see a trend with mum - she spends a lot of money to try and get me to sleep. So one day we will be poor and awake.  Just saying

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  1. Just caught up. Those torture chamber people need look no further than sleep deprivation to gain results. I remember buying this video called "It's time to sleep" when Sam was nearly two (yep we were stupid enough to hack out til then) Saved my life. Glad he is starting to sleep. :)