A week of airport visits

Tuesday 26 June 2001
I weigh 3.440kg

This morning mum and I went to choose photos from my modelling session. I think I should only take up full time modelling later in the day as I was a bit of a crosspatch in all of the photos. Mum still ordered quite a few but I think if you give me half a chance I could look much better.

I went to Dr C today and he is delighted with me. To be honest the only reason I think mum insists on always going back is because she has a bit of a crush on him. We go so often and yet I am so healthy. We are all really happy with the Zantac (well mainly the people who don’t have to taste the zantac are really happy) but the dose will increase slightly from 0.5 to 0.75.

All in all I got a very clean bill of health but I still like to shout in the middle of the night. Just to keep mum on her toes.

Gee I miss daddy so much. Mum’s lucky enough only 3 more sleeps for her but poor old me who sleeps 8 times a day – I have to get through 24 more sleeps. I think I will miss a few to get through the time faster.

Wednesday 27 June 2001

Mum and I had a bad day today. My pram was in for repair and my Baby Bjorn had come apart and mum could not put it together again and so we were house bound. Mum got a bit edgy towards the end of the day and she spoke to the baby shop using quite a harsh tone. Eventually at the end of the day I got a brand new fixed pram just like my old one. I was so proud of mum because I thought I should have got a new pram from the start.

After we went to pick up my new pram we had coffee with granny and we were really happy for some other familiar faces. Things get very lonely without dad.

Thursday 28 June 2001

Mum is becoming a playgroup groupie. Today we went to two playgroups. The first one was at the hospital where I was born and we went with some friends. It was great fun. There were lots of mums and babies and giant bean bags to sit on. Straight after that group we left and raced off to Joey’s house for a playgroup there. Altogether to much fun and it certainly made up for the bad day we had the day before.

In the evening/late afternoon I was quite unsettled and granny came and mummy rushed off to the chemist to try and find something for my wind – I have some huge wind issues. Granny managed to settle me real well and I think I am now getting used to other people holding me and stuff. In fact I quite liked it.

Friday 29 June 2001

Today I went with Jake for a long walk up and down Bondi Beach, I was just getting some fresh air to make myself look my very best for my first ever party out of the hospital. Granny was having all her friends over to come and see me and get a chance to indulge in my preciousness! After my walk I went over to gran’s house and unfortunately just as the party was due to start I fell fast asleep. Mum tells me that it was a really nice tea party but seen as though dad has been away all week and I have had no male influence perhaps it is best that I slept through the nattering of all those women.

Saturday 30 June 2001

Daddy came home from America and I am a happy man again. We woke up really early to go and get him from the airport. In fact it was still pitch back at 6am and very cold but well worth the trauma. Dad thinks I have matured again and I could see that he was really happy to see me again.

I spent some great rebonding time with dad today, he bought me the cutest clothes from America and I was very grateful. We went for a walk in the Baby Bjorn in the late afternoon and it was far and away the highlight of my day. We tried to lounge around a lot for the rest of the day, dad and I like to watch sport on TV, but mum kept shlepping us off to do shopping and the like.

I am really happy that daddy is home; I like it this way with both my parents at my beck and call.

Sunday 1 July 2001

What an exciting day!! Today my cousins and aunt and uncle from South Africa came to live in Australia FOREVER. After a leisurely walk with mum and dad to Coogee and breakfast at Barzura mom spent the whole day fussing about preparing for their arrival while dad and I dozed about at home. I got to go to the airport for the second time and it was just as much fun as the first although this time daddy was with us from the beginning.

I am very impressed with my cousins – they make me laugh and I am really happy that they have come to live here with us. Their arrival also meant that I got to stay out quite late, well 6pm is late when you are my age. I was sooo tired when I got home that after my bath, my massage and my dinner I just slept and slept dreaming sweetly about my dad and my cousins all in Australia!

Monday 2 July 2001

Mummy does not stop kissing and hugging me this morning, all because I slept so well last night. I fed at 12:30 and then I only rewoke at 5am. My longest sleep ever!!! That is it the cousins are all that I needed!

Today we just moseyed about with the family. We had breakfast out and even I ate at the table like everybody else, well not exactly like everybody else but kind of. I had heaps of fun playing with N and I think that I am really going to love having her as my cousin. M is still a bit shy of me but I am sure that I will charm him over my way real soon.


  1. I so wish I'd kept a diary when I was a baby. What tales I could tell.

    Just lovely. Again... What a busy boy.

  2. This is Beautiful :) lovely way to approach it :)

  3. I just love your blog.