A Bath With Dad

Another wonderful day in Level 1 although E was a bit grizzly in the afternoon – I cuddled him and he settled well although he needed the occasional solid tap on the bum/back.

M came in this morning for his first bath time experience. Panic not! It was his first experience watching and helping E bath (he has a good few baths of his own under his belt). I think E will definitely be into massage when he grows up, he loves having his hair washed because we sneak in a gentle head massage.

Level 1 is so quiet and cosy. This afternoon all the mums just sat around and chatted. I had E in my arms at this time and I felt like I was at playgroup not in hospital. Thank G-d there is some light in this hideous tunnel.

My weekly meeting with Dr C went well. He is happy with E’s progress and we will start to talk about discharge in the near future. He has also taken E off his amonofilin/theofolin stimulant drug (the one that reminds him to breathe) - such a clever young boy, he now even remembers to breathe on his own.


  1. Praise the lord - when I saw 'first bath with dad' I thought for a minute we might be seeing Mr Pencil's Pencil.
    Very lovely.

  2. How wonderful! Love the pic, and agree that your little man is, indeed, a very clever Little Pencil indeed!