We Have Graduated to Level One

What a happy day. My little angel is doing so well. We had a good attempt at breastfeeding which tired him out no end but, the best was yet to come. At lunch time today E moved to Level 1 (the level before home).

Level 1 is so groovy. It is not even like a hospital. E is the only baby on monitors so there is not continual beeping and alarming. It is just a much more relaxed and casual atmosphere. All the babies are well and just mellowing out and growing and learning to eat/suck. The mums are also great and it is a friendly environment.

E is fantastic, the place is sooo much better and I feel so much more comfortable. I can’t wait to take him home but I know that he is in a good place and I feel better that he is no longer in such a medical environment.

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