Burrowing Into My Heart And The Blankets

E just continues to work his way right into my heart. I cannot begin to describe the love I have for him – he is so perfect. I cannot believe that we get to take him home and he will be our son forever.

His new trick is to really burrow down in his blankets. He edges his way to the bottom of the cot and gets his whole body, including his head, under the blankets. Maybe this is the same system he has used to burrow into my heart?

Today he had big cuddles with his mom and dad. His breathing seems to have improved in that his respiration is no longer as shallow as it used to be. He is taking far deeper and more regular breaths.

One of the nurses from Level 3 looked after him this afternoon – she is still mad about him and tells us she has a special place for him in her heart. I know this is becoming the most repetitive line in this diary but – I can’t blame her.

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  1. It must have been wonderful to see him start to behave like the little bubba he is, instead of lying relatively still attached to multiple pieces of equipment!