Wow another big day and a step closer to home. E had his 2 month vaccinations today. They made him extremely grumpy and so he was in a very bad mood all day. He aslo has to be monitored for 24 hours after the shots and this made me grumpy, when he is monitored he has to stay in or near his cot. I kind of like taking him to the couch with me and just for general walk abouts LIKE A MOTHER SHOULD. The nursing unit manager commented (earlier known as Strict Nurse) on the fact that E has a bad temper. I think not – he just knows what he wants and most of the time it is not her insulting him!

He is continuing to do so well. His head circumference was measured today at 33.2cm – 6cm bigger than at birth.

He is definitely a firm favourite amongst all the people who know him except maybe Strict Nurse. Everyone else wants a cuddle and John the Gentle Fellow wrote up his discharge summary today – normally a job reserved for the resident.

The most brilliant, wonderful news is that we are going to Blossom Corner in two nights. Only two more sleeps without him.


  1. Just to get in first as a pro vaccination parent - YAY for preventing whooping cough - particularly in lowered immune system bubs as premmies can be - GO YOU!!!

  2. Getting in early to be a pro vaccine mummy too!