No tubes - none at all

Last night was a long night. I, as always, taking longer to recover than E. I hated not being able to stay with him the whole night but I phoned to check on him at 2am and he had had 50mls in his bottle at midnight. He had another 46ml at 4am (whch I found at when I called the hospital for the 8th time at 4:30am).

When I arrived at the hospital he was still in Level 3 but quite obviously not a Level 3 baby. He was waking for his 8am feed, perfect timing, and he fed really well. He screamed a bit but I am not sure if it was hunger, impatience or pain. He is on Panadol 6 hourly.

The paediatrician and the surgeon came to see him and are both very happy with him. Dr C was quick to send him to Level 1 where he belongs and he said that we may even to go Blossom Corner to room in on Sunday night. Dr H was happy with his handiwork and we all agree that E is magnificent.

HE HAS NO TUBES FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. Not one – he is finished with his feeding tube and he needs no more monitoring after the operation. Dr Cn commented this morning on how he (E) and M look so similar. Both gorgeous (my words, not Dr Chilton’s).

This young man is so brave and good. He has not required any pain relief today and although he still fusses quite a bit he is doing exceptionally well. The fussing may just be normal E fussing, he is quite the impatient eater and is awfully indignant if he does not get a good latch immediately.

I also discovered today part of the reason for my shivering and extremely sore joints yesterday (and today), I have mastitis which is accompanied by a lovely fever. I will go and see the doctor tomorrow.

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