Blossom Corner

This is the most amazing thing in the whole wide world. We are in Blossom Corner (a parent’s suite next to the NCC). I am lying on the bed writing and E is lying next to the bed in his cot. M has gone out to buy breakfast and when he comes back we will eat our first family meal. When we came into the room this morning it felt so right to be alone with him away from the hospital staff. Everybody there really cared for him with such love and the greatest degree of medical professionalism but I am still happy to have him out of there and in a family environment.

When I lay him down on the bed I could not believe that although he has been alive for 8 weeks this was his first time on a real bed. I cannot wait to introduce him to all his firsts. He has had such a tough journey and now the real health, happiness, security and joy will begin.

Well, I thought that having sat next to E’s cot for 8 weeks, I knew him pretty well. The baby that I knew slept between feeds even if he did not settle easily. Well today E hardly slept at all. He cried a lot, ate well but did not sleep. At about 5pm he had his first restful sleep on the bed in my arms next to M. He had had a big lie on the bed earlier in the day with M when I went to get lunch but then he was just wondering about checking out his dad and his new surroundings. At 5:20 his gran and aunt arrived (no doubt to deliver dinner - are you noticing a theme?) and soon after that the sleep ended. At about 6:30 during his feed he made a big poo and has been a different boy since then. He slept all the way to his 9pm feed and was much happier. I think he may have had a bit of constipation.

I love having him with us all the time. What an excellent way to be – M, E and me.


  1. Sigh... I remember the almost desperation I felt at getting Crusoe (and myself) out of the hospital and home, to be by ourselves. That was after 2 nights, and I discharged us both early. I can't imagine what you would be feeling by 8 weeks. Certainly, 'from misery to happiness'!

    Jenny (@jayjaycee1)

  2. Are you a bit nervous about going home?
    I remember driving away from the hospital and bursting into tears because there's no nurse call button at home. I was terrified.

  3. Honestly Ang - I was petrified and relieved all rolled into one. I just wanted to feel like a mum not a hospital patient. It was a really crazy feeling having a baby but having no say about ANYTHING at all. I even had to check with a staff member if I just wanted a cuddle (and often in the beginning the answer was NO!).

    Oh and I lived across the road from the hospital so that helped...


  4. Ok so location would have certainly helped with the nerves :)

  5. awwww....!! brings tears of happiness to my eyes..! this must have been so surreal to actually MAKE it to blossom corner after all those weeks!!!!