We Loved Today

We had a stupendously magnificent day. At the 9am feed we had a breastfeed which we topped up with 20mls (half a feed), at 12 o’clock we left him with a tube feed and then at 3pm, 6pm and 9pm he had a full breastfeed with no top ups. This is fantastic news because when he is on full sucking feeds he will come home. I am so hysterically happy and ever so proud. He is becoming more relaxed about feeding and I am getting better at positioning him. I am sure that there has been a memo circulated around the hospital telling everyone to praise us on our good work. Everyone keeps coming up to us and lavishing us with compliments.

We also had the pleasure of giving E a bath again. Wow he loves that, it calms him amazingly. We also weighed him and the champagne can go into the fridge to chill because he is almost 2kgs. He has put on 70grams and is now 1.90kgs. We are anxiously awaiting Wednesday’s weigh in because if he is on so many breastfeeds he may be burning up a lot of calories in sucking but he may also get more than his allocated 44mls so his weight might not go up at all, in fact it may drop, but it may well go up.

We are getting better at the settling thing but that is not to say that he does not prefer sleeping in our arms. After his 6pm feed we got to settle him a new way. OUR BABY GOT HIS FIRST TRIP OUTSIDE THE NEWBORN CARE CENTRE! Caroline, the nurse gave us the pram and off we ventured. M and I had to be the proudest parents in the whole wide world. It was a bit chilly and drafty downstairs so we did not stay for long. Also he was rather averse to the smell of the damp carpets. Sunday is carpet cleaning day at the hospital and M is quite convinced that E’s nose is as sensitive as his (not to mention his Princess and the Pea condition).

We loved today.


  1. I am now educated! I didnt know breast feeding was such hard work for babies! Ta muchly.