A Little Weight Loss Before A Big Move

Back on 3 hourly feeds and cares. Our boy is doing really well and is that much closer to Level 1.

He is so awake and alert in the mornings. Today when the doctor examined him he just lay there looking around as good as gold. I tried to breastfeed again but although he latches like a champion he has no idea what he should do then. He will learn.

I am grinning like a Cheshire cat. The nursing unit manager, Sally has just told me that all going well today we will move to Level 1 tomorrow.

This afternoon our favourite treat – a bath. E loved his bath as usual. He really loves the warm water and you can actually feel his whole body relax. He got weighed and unfortunately has lost another 40grams so he now weighs 1.680kgs. Hopefully he has now stabilised after the TPN etc and will start to put on weight.

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