Cuddling Against All The Rules

I am still struggling with the issue of settling E. I really do not want him to feel insecure or unloved when I am so obviously hopelessly in love with him. I do not want him to cry unattended although I know patting him in his cot is in essence attending to him, I just want to cuddle him till he is asleep and then put him down. This is contrary to what I am being shown but he is my son and M and I are happy with that decision.

He is so much more alert and aware, he cries a lot more but I think that is just because he is growing up. In fact today we celebrated his 7 weeks with a cake for the staff of the NCC. E’s first party and I did a valiant job of eating the cake on his behalf. He, in turn did a good job at his first breastfeed of the day but I was told that he “drowned” on his bottle last night. M has gone to find him a new teat to see if that makes any difference.

His breastfeeds are certainly improving although it seems like it takes ages for him to settle into it. It is also very difficult to ascertain whether or not he has had enough or still needs a top up. M gave him a bottle tonight and he seemed to go quite well with that although he only managed 20 out of 44mls. He then became quite hysterical and would not suck any more. I might just add here that these precious mls are breastmilk that I am still furiously pumping like a dairy cow and it is HARD work.

We are still holding him to settle him and I think it is working fine. We hold him till he is half asleep then put him down in his cot and pat him gently until he is in deep sleep. He usually wakes after two minutes, cries hysterically and then settles. The nursing staff are beginning to hate us.

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