A Nappy Trick

Dr C came to see me this morning to explain that although E had two bradychardias last night there was no thing to worry about. Now why would he come tell me something that could only make me worry if there was nothing to worry about? I guess he must know that I read E's chart like stock analysts read the financial news - fastidiously and eagerly looking for dips and rises. E did not have any problems today so I am assuming he had a faulty monitor (this is part of my new glass half full philosophy).

E is just a star! He did a real nappy trick today. He poo'd all over the show with his open nappy and then promptly wee'd over his body and face all in front of his granny C. I tell you this boy is ready to star in his first road trip movie

He is so cute and cuddly (when he is not covered in his own bodily excrement).

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