Passing All The Tests

I arrived today to find E monitorless!! I am extremely excited but at the back of my mind I am aware that it is not forever this time – he still has to have this damn surgery. I cannot wait for all the medical shit to be over. I just want my baby to be a baby not a patient.

Most of his “friends” have moved home or are about to. I feel like the hospital is our home.

I was so psyched up for him to have his surgery this week when Dr C mentioned it yesterday. It took me a while but I thought that it would be great to have it done and behind us. Now that Dr H says prior to discharge I am taking time to adjust to that again. M has made me feel much better by saying that the bigger and stronger E is for the operation, the better so I hope nobody changes their minds today.

E had his ears tested and he passed. I was absolutely petrified for the results and was pacing up and down with dread in my stomach but he did it.

To top all that good news he breastfed extremely well. When he got on he sucked and sucked for a good while. I am elated and very proud of him. The feed sucked all his energy and he has been exhausted the rest of the day.

A good news day all in all – tonight he had his eyes rechecked and his retinopathy has regressed. There is no need to worry any further about his eyes.

He ended the evening with another good suck. This little star is really going great guns ahead.


  1. Yay for E, probably the only time that you could say to really suck at something is a good thing :)

  2. I was born a premmie ( 3 months) so reading this, and getting a Mums perspective is amazing - I also had a serious heart condition - all better now though - healthy and (relatively) happy 31 year old Mum of two. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. Thanks Aussie Waffler! Sucking was a big milestone

    And Anonymous - it means so much to me that our story touches people. I thank you for reading it.