Weigh Day

E has put on a mighty 85grams and now weighs in at 1.830kgs. His tube feeds have increased to 39ml three hourly.

This morning he did such a good, solid breastfeed that instead of topping him up with the normal full feed we only gave him an extra 20ml and he slept through to his next cares so he must have been well sated. He tried again at 12:00 but it was a little less spectacular.

This afternoon he had his bath and than a feed and sleep. I then moved his cot to the stereo so he could lie there and relax listening to the music. He seemed to appreciate that. I think I may just force my musical tastes on him - oh to mould a child!

This morning’s meeting with Dr C went well. Again he said that the surgery should be done soon and he would talk to Dr H and perhaps we would go for next week. He is confident that we could go home soon after that. Yahoo!!

Unfortunately E had a very unsettled afternoon - and it was not because of my taste in music, I think all the days activities were too hectic for him. He cried a lot and was hard to settle. I lay on the couch with him and he seemed to relax and enjoy that. I certainly did.

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