E is in surgery. I feel sick. I am shivering, freezing cold and every joint in my body hurts. We found out at 11:30am that the surgery was scheduled for today. John the Gentle, or should I say John the fellow, put in his canula and we waited for the porter. Ethan was calm, peaceful and blissfully unaware. The anaesthetist (very short lovely woman) came to see us and she was very kind. Nadine (the nurse looking after him today) helped to calm me as we wheeled E to the Children’s Hospital. We stayed with him right until he was wheeled into theatre. Then came the longest two hours of my life. I have never been so scared or felt so out of control with fear in my whole life.

When Dr H eventually came out of the theatre he assured us that all went well. I think he said all went well but it was pretty hard to hear him over the noise of my sobbing and shivering. E had a left and right side hernia which were removed and his circumcision was performed. The best part of it was that he was breathing by himself with only the aid of a head box providing a little oxygen while the anaesthetic made its way out of his body.

He is lying in level 3, very mellow and quite stoned. He is the most beautiful baby that I have ever seen. I cannot believe the operation is finally over. I am so grateful but I hope that he experiences no pain in the next couple of days (or ever for that matter).

On a much brighter note it looks like E will be coming home next week. Dr Chilton is happy with him and can see him going to Blossom next week Monday. Blossom Corner is a room joined to the Neo Natal Care Centre that is like a "hotel room". A proper bedroom where you stay with your baby for a night before you leave the hospital. Like a practice run with nursing staff available should you need it. I cannot believe this ordeal is nearly over. I cannot wait to show E a quiet, peaceful, loving environment.

John just told me that he has a particularly soft spot for Ethan. The anaesthetist told me that he is a cute, lovely looking baby. I could not agree more.

He is starting to wake from the anaesthetic. He seems so cross but I am happy he is waking. It is a good sign. Meredith (the other neo-natal fellow) has assured me that, in her experience, no neo-nates who come back as older babies have any memory of the trauma or discomfort of the NCC.

The staff here are amazing. Everyone has been so encouraging and kind to me, to E and to M. In a very strange way I am going to miss them. They have been like family to us over the last 7½ weeks.

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  1. Oh shucks, I just got all teary reading that one. Think I'm gonna go and eat another cupcake now.