Well the big day finally arrived and it was time to take E home. The morning seems like a bit of a haze, probably from the lack of sleep the night before. We discovered that he certainly has a couple of “witching hours” – from about 9pm to midnight where he is quite hard to settle despite our best attempts.

We threw E’s first real party. His farewell from NCC combined with his 2 month birthday. We ordered a platter of cakes and slices and we bought a huge basket full of chocolates for the staff. We also bought them a sandwich maker (a request) and a coffee machine. It really did not seem real that we were finally taking E home and it was hard to express our gratitude for all that they had done for E and for M and I, it was also really hard to say good bye to the place that had become home for the last two months. E slept through the whole party and was really quite peaceful in his pram. Good omen for home I hope!

The walk home was a little anti climatic I guess. I had thought that I would feel so different but I just felt so normal, we were taking him home to where he belongs. M wheeled the pram home and En continued to sleep. He settled into the house as if he had always been there. The cot that we hired for him for the first couple of months was exactly like the one he had slept in in the hospital so he was not uncomfortable with that.

The afternoon was uneventful, punctuated with a few unsettled periods. The evening/night time is definitely his most unsettled time. The routine that he had followed so rigidly in the hospital was quickly broken as we got him into our routine (who am I kidding?).

We have decided that we should not have visitors for the first few days at home just so that we can get used to having him at home and develop a bit of a routine. This week is family week! I cannot believe M and I have created our own family.


  1. Yay! Your little guy is finally home.

  2. I have been reading your blog about E from the start and have loved every post. Unless I was a mother I don't think I could have felt your pain or your great love.
    Thanks so much for sharing your story.

  3. wow!!! what G-E-O-R-G-E-O-U-S picture!!!