Not The Start I Had Hoped For

I saw Dr C this morning and he told me that he believes that E should have his surgery this week. We waited all day for Dr H, the paediatric surgeon but he came at about 10pm when we had already left. Apparently he still believes E should only have the surgery immediately prior to discharge. Quite frankly the very thought of the surgery sickens me.

E is doing much better with his sucking on the boob. I am sure he will get it done any time soon. I hope so because this tube change every three days is just traumatic.

Every day his eye lashes and his hair seem to grow more. He is looking particularly handsome and I can see a definite weight increase.

I am still saddened by the fact that I had wanted to give E the best possible start– loving, warm and stable and now he has spent the first six weeks of his life in hospital. I am there for him only 14 hours a day and he is still prodded and poked and there is so much medical intervention. I know it is life saving but I also want him to feel happy and safe.

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