Last Night in a Hospital Ward

Monitors came off my man for the last time today!! This is really our last long day at the hospital. Tomorrow we will be in Blossom Corner and we can basically check in from early in the morning so, instead of sitting around next to his cot all day we can lounge about on the bed with him between us, or he can lie in his cot if he must.

Surgeon just popped in – another fan of E. He’s really happy with E’s health and recovery from surgery and we only need to see him again in two weeks. Tonight is the last time E will have to sleep in a hospital ward.

Tonight was Pesach and M's birthday (this oline diary is not in sync with the time it was first written) so dinner was at his mum's house. I left at 8:45 to give Ethan his 9pm feed. It was almost as if he knew that he was missing out. When I arrived the nurse told me that he had been awake for 40 minutes. After I fed him he was not settled at all and cried every time I put him down. Thrilled. Not

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