The Best Way to Raise A Temperature is to Cuddle

E had another good day although his morning was disturbed by a tube change. I stayed with him for that and it was not as bad as I had expected. In the past I have run away from all medical procedures but today I was overcome with bravery - he must be rubbing off on me. When he cries, even when he just has a little hissy fit, his bottom lip quivers and pouts. As much as I hate to see him cry it is a very cute look.

His temperature was quite low so we had a long skin to skin cuddle. It was just perfect. For three hours we lay together – me on the couch and E on his tummy on my chest. It worked a treat. His temperature went from 35.9 to 36.7 and we both felt extremely calm and relaxed.

His breathing has really regulated, it is steady and deep (not too deep) and looks strong and solid on the monitor.

Tonight his grandpa held him for his tube feed. Both of them were very happy.

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