1.3kgs - What a Whopper

I arrived at the hospital this morning to find that they had to supplement my breast milk as I had not left enough for the whole night. I was briefly devastated – then I discovered that E had put on 100 grams. He now weighs a whopping 1.3kgs. He has well and truly overtaken his birth weight and is doing so well. If he continues to put on weight at this rate he’ll be a huge fatty in no time.

Dr C came to see me, he is really happy with E and says he is going exactly according to schedule. He reassured me again that E would not remember or be affected by any of this trauma.
E does seem so content now – he sleeps most of the time or lies very quietly with his eyes open like he is just checking the world out. He makes windy faces that look just like a smile and I laugh every time, he looks so hysterically cute. The only thing he really hates is having his nappy changed, he cries and gets himself into a state. This is the only time that his oxygen seems to desaturate although his chart says he has had a couple of apnoeas. I am tending to distrust the chart and trust my baby instead.

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  1. Yup. Sophia would desaturate any time she didn't like something...which was a lot. Nappy changes, CPAP on, people fiddling with her. She was a feisty, headstrong little girl (still is!)