29.5cm Head Circumference - Must be Brainy

E has put on another 35grams and now weighs 1.340kg. His head circumference is 29.5 a whopping 2cm larger than at birth.

He has a few unsettled times – mainly late afternoon where he cries and screams and I start to sweat and cry myself. I try very hard not to scream lest I get carted away. It is the hardest thing that I have ever had to do to watch my little boy in distress.

Today we had an almost two hour long cuddle courtesy of his nurse Angela who is the same nurse who looked after me in acute care after he was born. I really can’t wait to cuddle him whenever I like or rather whenever he likes. Actually whenever I like.

I had difficulty leaving E tonight as he had been so unsettled. When I phoned to check in the middle of the night he was settled and fast asleep. I felt much better, but still did not sleep. Being apart from your own baby is torture.

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