A Humidicrib For My Boy that Breathes On His Own

This morning I arrived at the hospital to find E still breathing on his own. He has been breathing on his own with no oxygen assistance for almost 24 hours!!! And to think that just under two weeks ago I thought it was taken as a given that babies breathe on their own. Clearly I have much to learn

On this morning’s ward round it was decided that E should be moved to a humidicrib and there is a possibility that he might be moved to Level 2. I am overflowing with joy.

He is still alert and looking around. Now I worry that he won't sleep enough. I am really looking forward to this roller coaster ride that is parenthood.

My milk supply is starting to improve ever so slightly as I come off the blood pressure medication and I start to relax and get used to this hospital environment, also I am sure that it is related to the excellent progress that E is making.

E is now in his humidicrib and although I am sure that he is too hot, he seems very happy. The humidicrib regulates his temperature so he does not have to work on heating himself. We have to do his cares (nappy changes) etc through the “porthole” but today I got the chance to cuddle him under my top. I am aware that he can't lead a full, happy and productive life under my top but this just feels like it is where he belongs. I love him more and more all the time.

Feeds are increasing – he is now on 6ml every 2 hours – my son the glutton.


  1. Every step towards home made your heart so much lighter, didn't it?

  2. Aw, I think under your top was precisely where he was meant to be today!