Today I Felt Like A Mum

E is seeming to really respond to me . Today during his cares he became very upset and so when we were finished I held him to me and he settled immediately. I finally feel like I am his mother and I can reduce his stress. When he had his blood taken today he screamed (as you would) and I held his head and gave him his dummy and he calmed. The lady who takes his blood EVERY DAY is one of the kindest people I have ever met although I am sure that she thinks I hate her. I can understand how she thinks this - she approaches E's cot and I turn ashen and flee screaming, but really I just don't want E to associate me with all this pain. I feel quite safe in the belief that although the staff are all wonderful and kind - we will not take them home with us.

There has been a lot of talk about E getting a blood transfusion because he is so pale. His blood tests however show that his red blood cell count has gone up (a good thing) and are now at 10.5 from 9.9. We are hoping they continue to rise. Perhaps they should stop taking his blood every day and give him a chance to create some more!!!

All in all he is much better. He is now just on the growth plan – he needs to grow and get strong. He no longer needs the oxygen saturation monitor and is drip and canula free. All he has are his naso-gastric tube and heart and respiration monitors – he still has a few apneas which will hopefully cease as he matures.

Today he also had a good attempt at breastfeeding and also had his first hug with granny C.

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