Clothes from Home

E now has a canula in his foot and his hand – one for the TPN and one for the antibiotics and “aminofalin” (sp) which is the stimulant that reminds him to breathe. Imagine that - a drug to remind you to breathe! Could take the party world by storm.

He is so much happier (more himself), he opens his eyes again and looks around. He is much better when I hold him and is certainly not so lethargic and “out of it”.

He could not have a bath today because of his canulas but Gabrielle, his favourite non family person, gave him a sponge bath with a hot towel – he absolutely loved it and relaxed completely. When he is well he has the best nature – so placid and warm. I love him to bits. When he is not well he still has the best nature but so listless and sad. It is those times that my love is soaked in tears. Who am I kidding? Lately I've been crying for no reason other than that E is in my life and I am stoked, scared and cannot wait to get him the hell home.

Surprise of a good nature this time. We weighed him tonight and he is 1.710kgs. We need to take into account his canulas etc but still it is fantastic to see his weight gain and he really looks like he has put on weight. You can see it on his face and arms and legs.

We put him in his own t-shirt after his bath – what a spunk! I know that this is not the best picture but you have to see his first time in clothes from home, right? Right


  1. He looks gorgeous. My GOD, woman, this time in your life must have been a total emotional rollercoaster! Hats off to you for getting through it and retaining a semblance of sanity (but yes, only a semblance, sorry ;-P )

  2. Awww! That must have been a fun moment in all the anguish: getting to 'dress him up' finally!

  3. I know I never write anything other than this but BOOBELA!!!!
    Oh he looks so beautiful.
    Reading about the bowel obstruction was so painful. I'm so glad I already know the end to this story or I don't think I'd be strong enough to read it. It takes me on the rollercoaster with you. And I scream when I'm on rollercoasters!

  4. Sparkly Tiara - Thanks but I have NO semblance of sanity at all

    Eco-Chic Mummy - dressing him meant extra time handling him so yup I loved that (and I never quite got over playing with Barbie)

    Kerri - I am thrilled to ride roller coasters with you - just watch out - I am a vomiter