Day Ten - Another Cuddle

Still breathing with the aid of the c-pap. E loves to be tightly swaddled and gets most upset when we change his nappy.

Today we had our second cuddle. I held him for about 15 minutes and he slept peacefully and calmly. He is still attached to a thousand wires and machines so the cuddle is pretty close to the cot. I cannot wait to take him away from the trauma of the hospital and to a peaceful, calm home filled with happiness, love, health and laughter.

All the nursing staff tell us how uncomfortable the c-pap is and half the time when it falls out I don’t want to replace it. I never want E to associate me or my voice with any trauma or upheaval.

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  1. He was so gorgeous! And how small are those nappies? I remember being so excited when Sophia FINALLY graduated to normal newborn size Huggies... xox