Today was a Nightmare

What a nightmare of a day! E is not at all well. This morning he made a poo eventually but his stomach was very distended. The long and short of it was that they did an x-ray and he has an obstruction in his bowel.

I felt like my world was falling apart when they put him on a drip, stopped his feeds and put him back into his humidicrib. Dr C explained that it was probably an infection. He told us about a disease called Necrotising Enter Colitis (NEC) that is the “premature baby infection” that he warned us about in Level 3. Basically the loops of his bowel were very dilated. The surgeon and his resident both saw E and thought it might be NEC. Another surgeon who saw him later in the day thought it was not bad enough to warrant surgery – one good thing!

Everyone was very concerned and kept stressing the seriousness of the condition. In myself I felt that he was feeling better than the day before. He was very lethargic but he somehow seemed happier to me and he made 4 large poos. I thought this was a really good sign.

By the evening his colour had improved and I felt that he was on the road to full recovery. He is on a drip – three antibiotics, saline and sugar. He has also had his oxygen saturation monitor replaced as his huge distended belly could push up on his diaphragm and make it hard to breathe.
I am finding it hard to breathe. I cannot believe this is the life we are leading. I cannot sleep, I cannot eat and I cannot function rationally. If there were a drought I am safe in my knowledge that my tears would break it


  1. I know that it all turns out ok but I really feel the need to comfort you and tell you that it will be fine. He's a fighter, he'll get through this!

  2. You just knew something wasn't right, didn't you? There's something to be said for maternal instincts...